1. Indy Magnoli

    Sabacc Night with the boys...

    Just had a great Sabacc night with my boys and Kolbe (Magnoli Props ) now that our chip collection is growing. Most of the coins seen are from Padawan311 though a few are from CloudAll on Etsy. Cards and sabacc matt by CloudAll. A few of the coins are 3d printed by me and the chance cubes are...
  2. thawn_es

    Limited Run Star wars metal coins, credits and Wupiupis for sabacc (tatooine coins-yuzluk)

    New adds to the coins run. Metal coins for sabacc game. -Mandalorian coin : 6€ -Imperial credit: 6€ -Coin Large "7": 6€ -Coin Small "7": 4€ -wupiupi (yuzluk): 5€ Made of zamak metal alloy. Mínimun order of 5 + shipping Shiping to EU: 10€ (for 5 coins) Shiping worldwide: 14€ (for 5 coins)...
  3. Corellian_Spike_Deck_RPF_Potroclo.eps


    Full Corellian Spike deck as seen in Solo a Star Wars Story, made by Potroclo
  4. thegnome

    Does anybody know the dimensions of the individual Sabacc cards?

    I am going to make the cards to be better than the ones you can buy from Disney or from Etsy/eBay because they have their disadvantages. The ones from Disney are too flimsy to be played with for a long time, and the others are semi-transparent. Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. thawn_es

    Interest CANCELLED "WUPIUPI" star wars metal coins reproducctions

    hi all, Recently I have been in contact with a copier of historical coins made of metal. I told him if he could make copies in metal of my yuzluk for the wupiupis of episode I and this is the result. (see pics) After several conversations with him, I managed to adjust the price of each...