1. eobard

    Show me your RS TIE (Hero) pilot helmets!

    Hello! I've been mulling --- for quite a while --- which would be my first TIE pilot helmet, and it finally came down to RSpropmasters or SDS / Shepperton. It was close, until I learned that RS came out with the Hero faceplate. The Hero!! Legend has it that it was from an actual ANH TIE...
  2. oxixo

    How accurate is RS Props' TIE pilot vs SDS vs CFO?

    They're all cast from original props (correct?), but each have subtle differences (I'm not referring to craftsmanship, etc., just visual accuracy). Some photos of the SDS helmets make the pilot look a little wider than RS and CFO. Whereas the RS helmets, the frown looks a little "toothy,"...
  3. juajn7fernandez

    Juan's Stormtrooper helmet collection (Updated with RS Hero)

    So I've been meaning to do this for a long long time now, and I finally took the time to do it. Here is my Stormtrooper helmet collection so far. ( in no particular order) RS Hero first edition #8 (2020) RS HDPE from the first run ANH RS HDPE from the latest run (2017) ANH RS ABS...
  4. J

    RS Hero Stormtrooper with Screen Lineage (first edition)

    Officially launched on their YouTube channel just a short while ago. Needless to say I ordered one, much prefer this look to the stunt.