roman props

  1. Serenity

    Star Wars Roman Props Weathered Obi ANH Pommel/Handwheel

    This is a Roman Props Star Wars Obi-Wan ANH weathered static pommel/handwheel. It is in intentionally weathered condition with some marks and surface scratches, most intentional and a few from just general handling and storage. It disassembles into four pieces just like the real Armitage Shanks...
  2. BritWalker

    Star Wars (Price drop) Luke Skywalker Romans Balance V4 gen 2

    Weathered balance V4 gen 2, tri- ring and vented pommel, Red & Green control box arrows Comes with a brand new Prism 5.5, brand new Goth padawan Chassis, Paul Tatum PCB board and LEDs ***£250 for hilt and chassis - board or PCB not required*** PayPal fee not included in price Delivery free...
  3. Jukesie

    Roman Props MK1 Weathered Project

    Hi All, I recently (before Christmas) posted asking about which saber provider I should look to for my first purchase. I was suggested to check, needless to say, I was glad I did. I bought this to accompany a display of my Father's weapon collection that I inherited last year...