1. MattgomeryBurns

    NECA's Limited Edition Rocky & Mickey Maquettes from the Lipton Iced Tea Commercials

    I was really excited when NECA announced these at the 2017 Toy Fair. Now the price has been revealed...$174.99! Wow...seems pretty steep. But I'm gonna get em anyway based on pure nostalgia. More info and pics below, along with the original commercial in case you're not familiar. From...
  2. B

    Has anyone done a scale model of the Rocky statue? [Rocky Series]

    I'm interested in seeing if anyones done a scale of the Rocky Statue, from the latter half of the saga. I'm thinking of doing my own scale model, and it would be interesting to see any other attempts at it!
  3. balboa

    Rocky Championship belt scale 1:1

    Hi, i'm always be a fan of the rocky movies,i have the opportunity of my live when i met Sly in Philadelphia in the filming of Rocky VI. Since i don't find a screen accurate replica of the belt, i make one, i post pictures i make this belt since 4 years ago, i making anothers replicas of the...
  4. thegreatgalling

    Rocky I accurate gloves and shorts?

    Hey gang. Laying the foundation for a 1:1 Rocky thanks to Howard. I am trying to pinpoint Rocky's gloves in the final scene of Rocky I. I could have sworn his gloves were red with a white Everlast label, but a pic seemed to indicate another brand. Anyone know? Also, for now I am going to...
  5. .:MirrorminD:.

    Sylvester Stallone threatens to sue Profiles in History

    Im just gonna copy and paste from TMZ, and also post the C&D letter from his lawyer. Pretty interesting considering PiH has been known to sell replicas without fact checking. A pair of boxing gloves said to be worn by Sylvester Stallone in the original "Rocky" movie have just been pulled...