1. Harada357

    Icarus - Planet of the Apes Spacecraft ANSA - FTL - Model Custom build

    I finally picked up the Fantastic plastic Icarus Resin Kit. I loved the full ship design - but wanted to customize it with the 1960's Apollo Look. I kit bashed a few Saturn V kits and this is what I came up with. I wanted a FTL engine section on the ship. I also have a second stage that...
  2. M

    Halloween: Go For Launch Part II and III

    This is part II and III of Halloween: Go For Launch. Part I is at the following link: Halloween: Go For Launch PART II: THE G5C GEMINI SUIT 1. Before 2. After Suit: To go with the outdoor display theme props of a Gemini launch run by skeletons (see link), a matching costume was...
  3. Kevin Hall

    James Webb Space Telescope launch is rescheduled again

    JWST now is going to be launched on December, 24. For those who want to watch it here is the link: Just a quick reminder. Webb's telescope will give us an opportunity to observe the Universe's first galaxies, reveal the birth of stars and planets, and look for exoplanets with the potential for...
  4. M

    Halloween: Go For Launch

    Halloween: Go-For-Launch Our Halloween displays are themed either as history, Hollywood or art. This one is history. It started with a picture inside of Kennedy's new Launch Control Center (LCC) during an early Apollo launch. We morphed the timeline to cover 1966 and the Gemini 12 launch...
  5. DaBuild

    GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol.2: Rocket/Groot Bomb detonator FULL METAL Build

    '' DON'T PUSH THAT BUTTON!!! '' :) Hello people, This is Rocket bomb detonator from Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 used by baby Groot. It's a full metal build prop replica with no electronic. It's only a static prop. It weights roughly 1kg (yeah!) and is about 6 inches long. Since there...
  6. On Camera

    On Camera

    Tim and Dre in costume next to the rocket, during one of the scenes. Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal
  7. Ready to Shoot

    Ready to Shoot

    Finally assembled, I scrambled for a solution to the fuel tank problem, and finally just decided to cover the fuel tank mounting area in aluminum tape (which you can see in the next photo). A desperate, last-second attempt that worked out! Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal
  8. tmax

    Unlimited Run Rocketeer X3 Rocket Pack & Helmet kit - On hold.

    This run is now on hold. The Do3D files are not up to our standard and we have opted to redesign this ourselves from scratch. When we are ready I will reopen the run. T. On offer here is a full-scale 3D printed kit of the Cirrus X4 Rocket Pack and Helmet from The Rocketeer. We will be...
  9. Iron man weapo

    Iron man weapo

  10. Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack
  11. Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack
  12. Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack
  13. Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack
  14. Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack
  15. Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack

    Rocket Pack