robin williams

  1. dotails

    Weebette (Robot from Flubber)

    Im just about done with Weebette's 3d Model to 3d print. I loved her mother, Weebo, but I love symmetry even more. I think in the future we will have person AI pals, so this movie was ahead of its time. She features: opening screen, flapping fins, rotating skirt, and ball joint thrusters. I...
  2. Morkandmindy4ev

    Mork and mindy

    Hi! Where can I find a mork vest and any of the multicolor t-shirts he has?
  3. A

    Jumanji Noble Collection Repaint

    Hey everyone, figured I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing on my Jumanji Replica from the Noble Collection. The modifications I’ve made so far are a repaint of the brown “wood” areas. I just painted it with Burnt Umber acryllic paint, masked off the center area and gave it a clear coat...
  4. DaBuild

    Peter Pan METAL Sword from 1991 Hook movie

    Hello fellow makers, Here's my latest prop build video. Peter Pan metal sword from 1991 Hook movie from Steven Spielberg. Cheers! :) Dan