rick and morty

  1. trymenager

    Rick and Morty Ship, for funko 5in figure release

    If any of you Propmaker, Toy collector Diorama enthusiasts are bummed because Funko and or the R&M franchise never capitalized on a proper way to display their figures look no further. This project started on reddit then became a challenge, most of it is comprised of scraps except for the LED...
  2. DONW999

    Rick Sanchez's blaster, laser gun, ray gun...

    Here is a take on the laser gun! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4913627
  3. matherton

    Rick and Morty freeze ray

    Not long ago I completed a freeze ray for a friend, I was in a rush and only had a day to complete it so didn't document the process or think to post it here but I remembered! I found the model on Thingiverse by Ramon Angosto, remixed by Nevaar. I scaled it up and printed it in PLA, sanded and...