1. Davidp3000

    MR anakin ROTS force fx what metal used?

    Hey everyone, first time posting, long time lurking lol, planning on disassembling and hopefully cleaning up my rots anakin saber, it had been stored in a really damp house for a year and now has small veins of corrosion around the black grips. main query is does anyone know what metal its made...
  2. ChancellorsHand

    Republic Fleet 1/2256 Scale Venator, Acclamator, frigates and fighters

    I know I’ve been AFK for a while. School and work are killing me! But here is my complete fleet, two Venator-class cruisers, 1-Acclamator-class, 1-Pelta-class frigate, 1-Arquitens-class cruiser, 1-Republic Attack Frigate, 1-Consular-class AA frigate, and a myriad of y-wings, republic gunships...