resin casting

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  1. SeaMoon

    Does anyone know any good local brands for Polyurethane / Polyester Resin in the Philippines? (or Asia)

    Just as the title says. I'm looking for any good (possibly budget) brands of resin aside from the well known Smooth On.
  2. ZRE1990

    Can anyone suggest alternatives to Smooth-On So Strong Colorant?

    Wondering if anyone’s had similar results with much more affordable micas or pigments? While there’s no doubt So Strong is a favorite to many, the price is a bit daunting, especially when you are wanting to test and broaden your urethane resin pigmenting skills.
  3. nightsnotover

    Master Shake (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) resin figure [WIP]

    Just ordered a 3D print of Master Shake, one of the most iconic Adult Swim characters of all time. I'm so excited to try out resin casting, and Shake should be pretty easy to mold given his simple shape! Do any of you guys have any experience making casts "hollow" to save on resin? Would...
  4. FranklyBuilt

    MK85 Iron Man Cosplay w/ Infinity Stones - 100% 3D Printed (Pic and resource heavy)

    Hello everyone! My name's Frank! I'm 29 and currently stationed in the UK with my wife and doggos. I've been in the USAF for 8 years now and been overseas the entire time. I've been a lurker here for a while and i've been wanting to post this but every time i think it's done; i want to change or...
  5. C

    Patching/preventing air bubbles in resin knife cast?

    I’ve casted up a bunch of these buck 120 knives and I’m struggling to patch these holes. Does anyone have any recommendations? I plan to use a pressure pot in the future but I’d like to save these. These were casted with smooth cast 300. Also, will this resin work in a pressure pot? The work...
  6. King Jacob

    Dishonored 2 Bone Charms

    I've been wanting to make these since the game came out and I finally got around to finishing them! A regular version and a "corrupt" version. They started off as 8 separate 3D-printed parts but I cast them in resin before painting. The delicate, thin d-rings were a particular challenge as I...
  7. dorningt

    Stargate SG-1 cosplay build

    As a comic con cosplay i wanted to get a good stargate sg1 outfit. I wanted a simple one not a full tactical setup. I did some looking into it and decided with going as a general stargete command guard with only a zat gun on holster. For referance besides the series I mainy used a auction...
  8. PlanetAlexander

    Making an Alginate Mold for Mask Making

    Heya RPF, I've got a project I'm working on with a mask in which I want to be able to cast a final copy from resin. The mask is made from foam clay and PLA plastic from 3D prints, and I'm going to seal it all in flexbond and wet-sand it smooth. I don't really have time to learn hands-on using...
  9. helix_3

    How to create a lightly sanded "frosted" finish in clear resin casts?

    I'm casting something in clear resin, and I want it to have a frosted finish. Can I add anything to the silicone mold to cause this type of surface texture? I tried cornstarch, but that didn't do anything. I suppose I could recast my object, lightly sand the new resin object, then re-mold/...

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