resident evil 2

  1. RyanDVJ

    Resident Evil Ammo Box

    After a few years im finally back in the RPF and back to making props, and I wanna start again doing something simple: The 9mm ammo box from RE 2 and 3. The original from Tony's Ammo. I wanna make the most accurate one but its so difficult to find a good reference... The biggest problem is...
  2. AndoShinobi

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Pistol

    This is a super quick build for a Resident Evil (Biohazard here in Japan) themed shoot that I will be directing in two days. Yup, two days to build the VP70 M so here goes! The idea is to make a 'clam shell' upper and lower receiver that will sit over an existing airsoft gun, most likely a...