1. ScottSix8

    Hasbro Hero 28" Millennium Falcon mod

    I have started a huge photo project that requires a few ships. I have chosen to use practical ships because I had the Hasbro Falcon in the garage. I bought an upgrade details kit for that and can't wait to start the paint process on it as well as the rest of the ships!! I ordered the Revell 60cm...
  2. ChancellorsHand

    Republic Star Destroyer Venator Class 1/2256 Revell

    My Venator got a repaint from a friend on Instagram! He paints miniatures for the Star Wars Miniatures and did a fantastic job renovating the hangar bay and making a plan and dream come together, now my favorite cruiser has all my favorite ships, carrying the LAAT/i, Arc 170s, V-Wings, Z-95s...