replica movie props

  1. John Lazon

    Smooth painted metal effect on wood

    Hey! I'm making some giant RAMBO knives out of poplar, and am looking for some advice on achieving a nice smooth metallic effect. I think the surfaces are too big to get an even finish with spray paint, and I don't have a paint gun. I've been using DecoArt americana silver, but brush strokes are...
  2. 3Dsf

    Documenting the HAL 9000 faceplates

    I have spent the last while researching and documenting the HAL 9000 faceplate props used in 2001: a Space Odyssey; a design that's a truly iconic piece of movie history. There has been a fair bit of information scattered hither and yon, so I decided to centralize my findings into a single...
  3. A

    AS Luke V2

    Anyone have an Anakin Starkiller v2 they're willing to sell? I'm looking for the Fx run, not the builders kit... Thanks in advance!
  4. reatsomeyon

    30 minutes or less teddy bear prop

    Hello. I was recently watching 30 minutes or less and i am searching for teddy bear or similar teddy bear.Do you have any ideas where i can buy similar teddy? Thanks for helping. (photo and teddy bear photo attached to this thread are not mine).
  5. reatsomeyon

    Breaking bad guzzler cup

    Hello.I'm Breaking bad fan and i wanted to make Combo guzzler cup,but i don't have sticker.Where i can find it?