replica costume

  1. Mystery

    Spider-Man: Lotus Suit Replica From The Original Makers

    Hey everyone, I have been a long-time member here and all the way back starting this account I had the ultimate goal of owning a movie accurate Spider-Man suit. After 10 years I think we are finally there! While working on my comic accurate suit Mystery's Comic Spider-Man Build (Pic Heavy) I...
  2. I

    Heaths joker shoes weathering

    I'm gonna be getting jokers shoes replicas soon. Mine will be suede like his. How do I weather it properly to make it look like the real deal?
  3. BlackFeatherCre

    Darth Nihilus mask sculpt feedback!

    Hi Guys, This is my first sculpt of a Nihilus mask. This is the first time I tried sculpting something from a franchise. I would LOVE some constructive criticism. What could I improve? What needs to be better? PS; The plan is to make a mould and cast it. Would anyone be interested in buying a...
  4. NostromoCrew


    Intro ...So as part of my 1979 ALIEN - NOSTROMO CREW UNIFORM - Accurate Reproduction project run, I decided to try my hand at replicating the crew shoulder patch. And as anyone who is involved enough in the intricacies of this patch, knows that many have tried, some have come close. I have spent...
  5. sholmes221b

    (Captain) Jack Sparrow Boots Budget DIY

    Not sure how many Capt Jacks are still lurking around here, but during a full revamp of my costume, I decided to try my hand at making my own boots. I am neither a cobbler nor a leather worker, so I had very little confidence going into this, but especially for the price, I am very happy with...
  6. Mpashuk

    Ewok costume how to? Any interest? I’ll show you how I make them!

    I have made many Ewoks over the years such as masks, full costumes and statues etc and I have been asked many times for a faceplate and also how do I make these? Is there any interest in a how to tutorial with links to where I get the parts for the hands/feet and all other parts to make your...
  7. sammiethebun

    Finally got my Arya Stark costume to a place I'm comfortable with.

    I'm going to preface this by saying that before I did this costume, I had never sewn anything in my LIFE. HOLY CRAP was this challenging. I started the process once, scrapped the entirety of that and did it over again. There are some things that do still need improvements. For example, I still...