reference images

  1. DracoAdamantus

    Flash Gordon: References and/or replicas of Ming the Merciless’ ring

    I’ve been developing a recent fixation on fictional rings, and I’ve been intrigued by the ring of Ming the Merciless from 1980’s Flash Gordon. But as far as I’ve found there have been no replicas ever attempted, and I can’t find any good close-up pictures of it outside of the one shot of it one...
  2. Rusty 714

    Reference pictures for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie suits

    I didnt know where to post this. If this is the wrong place to put it, tell me and I'll move it somewhere else. I saw that one of the original movie suits was being auctioned off and took the opportunity to screen shot the images. I plan on making this suit replica one day but I figured I'd...
  3. babyYoda

    Gonk Power Droid Reference

    I'm embarking on a Gonk Droid build and so I've sifted through the films using to find GONK droids as well as posts on here. I think I have identified 12 different GONKs across the 9 movies in the Skywalker Saga as well as Rouge One and Solo I haven't been through The Mandalorian...
  4. ColbaltKoi

    Blade Runner 2049 LAPD Handcuffs reference?

    Hi guys, I am trying to make a CAD model of the handcuffs made for Blade Runner 2049 but it is really hard getting any varied images of them. I can't find them on screen in the film. I know that they were on display as part of an event at SDCC in 2017. Other then that and one image I found from...
  5. Loki1913

    Love, Death, & Robots - Lucky 13

    if you kids haven't seen Love, Death, & Robots, you owe it to yourselves to check it out on Netflix. go ahead, i'll wait. ... done? awesome, right?! so here's the thing: i fell in love with the episode "Lucky 13". i really want to make a replica of the little plaque that everyone...