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  1. CntAllBeWinners

    Korben Dallas Blaster Reference Pictures

    So I recently did some Google-fu to find these pictures of what seems to be a hero prop that went up for auction awhile back. They're pretty good quality and I haven't seen them posted so I thought I'd share. I only found them by going to the url of an image that had originally been posted by...
  2. scarf man

    List of the DL-44 blaster props ANH through ROTJ

    The ANH to ROTJ DL44 blasters, Identification thread *Glossary near the bottom of the post. Star Wars (ANH) 1977 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Han Solo‘s hero (Cantina, Docking bay 94 escape, Millennium Falcon interior, and Yavin scenes)...
  3. SMCR

    Help Find! Original Treasure Planet Map Design

    I want to build a high quality, highly accurate, Treasure Planet map/orb for a desk display. (Still in the design phase at the moment.) There are plenty of Etsy-esque replicas already out there, but none of them are truly screen accurate. After capturing more than 100 screenshots throughout...