red planet

  1. G

    AMIE robot form The Red Planet

    I am only new to the Forum and don't know if this has been touched on before but has anyone out there consider doing a reproduction of the robot AMIE from The Red Planet ? I would be very interested on the thoughts of the community to such a project But I must warn you that the prop on...
  2. Mike J.

    Red Planet AMEE Battery Replica WiP

    Hello all. Long have I yearned for a replica AMEE battery of my very own. Only recently have I gotten the necessary skills to be able to make my own, or rather, have one be made for me. A buddy and I have been trying to learn SolidWorks in a do-it-yourself fashion. Even with the
  3. puckydog

    Red Planet

    Anybody know where all the space suits went from Red Planet? Thanks, Jeff