red button

  1. Rollito

    Want to Buy Graflex Vintage Red Button

    Looking for a vintage Graflex red button folmer style. Best regards Roland
  2. mugatu

    Want to Buy Zorg Industries ZF-1 Outer Shell

    I am looking for a dimensionally-screen accurate outer shell for a Zorg Industries ZF-1 from the Fifth Element. It can be solid or in its main pieces. It can be painted or not painted. It does not have to be pristine and in like-new condition. Thanks for any help! Andy

    Want to Buy Graflex Mid-Late Vintage Button

    Anyone want to trade my Early Folmer Graflex (No Patent #) button for a Mid-Late Vintage Button? Also open to purchase of a Mid0Late button if preferable? See pics of my early Folmer button. If so, please PM me.