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    Halloween: Go For Launch

    Halloween: Go-For-Launch Our Halloween displays are themed either as history, Hollywood or art. This one is history. It started with a picture inside of Kennedy's new Launch Control Center (LCC) during an early Apollo launch. We morphed the timeline to cover 1966 and the Gemini 12 launch...
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    1/48 scale Spektr-RG satellite

    Hello, after a long break I finally finished a new real-space themed model. It is the Spektr-RG satellite, an X-Ray observatory which was launched a few weeks back. I was extremely keen on having a model of it since I was performing science simulations for the German instrument eROSITA, which...
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    Apollo LM 1/32 Archive & Future Kit Production

    Hello again to all you modellers here on the RPF! I've been absent from the forum for several months due to the usual combination of work and personal life, however with the winter coming I will be focusing once again on HH Miniatures. The MPC Millennium Falcon upgrade kits are being entirely...