razor crest

  1. Poakwoods

    Another Revell 1/72 Razor Crest... WIP

    Hello... here is my interpretation of Revell's 1/72 Razor Crest. It starts with the interiors. The wall lamps, originally blocks of plastic, were drilled and carved as rectangle holes, then covered with thin white styrene. Internally, three SMD PicoLED were placed in every lamp (lots of work...
  2. Hedonist Farmer

    My Revell Razor Crest lighting attempt .

    So this is my second attempt at lighting a model. Things got a little out of hand and my idea of keeping this simple soon went out of the window as i was having way toomuch fun. Let's start with some mandatory glamorous shots of the final result. The whole thing is pretty simple on...
  3. s2jesse

    Interest Mandalorian Razor Crest Knob - AKA Baby Yoda Toy

    This is an interest list for my Mandalorian Razor Crest Control Knobs.. AKA Baby Yoda Toy... These are machined from aluminum. I created them as a givaway for my Patreons but it seems others may be interested in them as well. They'll probably be between 30 bux. I may add the shaft / control...