1. Kri5

    Help needed identifying Ray Gun!

    Hi, I'm a big fan of Ray Guns, and recently added this to my collection. The seller in bought it from had no information about it and said they picked it up many years ago from a flea market in France, It looks hand build and is fantastic quality and finish and I'll love to know more about it...
  2. FreddySchramm

    AR-T3CO Custom Rayguns.

    About two years ago I designed and modeled an original concept for an art deco style raygun. I recently Molded the 3D printed prototype and cast a few in hopes of selling kits. I was able to cast 6, but since the mold fused (shoulda used more release ....) and me having to jewel cut it out, each...
  3. 66chevy12

    RAYgun Build

    Weekend build. The Merlin Atomic Arms PRG-92a (Restomod)
  4. diogorsergio

    Apex Legends - Wingman (The Death Ray)

    Apex Legends came out and I was looking for a new gun to make, something more achievable that my Quake3 - Machine Gun project. Looking around I found this skin of the popular Wingman pistol which is quite cool and ray-gun looking. Really like the way it looks. Still modeling the pistol but its...
  5. M

    Dr Grordbort's Manmelter 3600ZX replica

    I've been a fan of Dr Grordbort's rayguns from Weta ever since they were originally released, the Manmelter in particular. (Un)fortunately I was never in a position to buy one when they were available. We all know what Plan B is. I started this around new year and had every intention of...