ray gun

  1. DONW999

    Rick Sanchez's blaster, laser gun, ray gun...

    Here is a take on the laser gun! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4913627
  2. L

    STL for Buck Rogers Disintegrator Pistol (XZ-38)

    I really want to create a replica of this piece but even the most beat up ones are pretty pricy to get a hold of to measure and draw or cast. Are there STL files floating out there to be able to print a copy then use as reference for a higher quality build?
  3. Kri5

    Help needed identifying Ray Gun!

    Hi, I'm a big fan of Ray Guns, and recently added this to my collection. The seller in bought it from had no information about it and said they picked it up many years ago from a flea market in France, It looks hand build and is fantastic quality and finish and I'll love to know more about it...
  4. SamG237

    Black Ops 3 - Ray Gun Replica

    Hi everyone, I just recently modelled the Ray Gun from Black Ops 3 in Fusion 360, with my main focus being on being as close to the in-game model as practically possible. Modelling took a couple of days and I'm quite surprised how well it turned out. I was able to extract and use the in-game...
  5. JamesTalon

    Looney Tunes Style Ray Gun

    Hi I'm new to the forums but thought people might like to see this ACME Warner Brothers style Ray Gun I just made. I made it from scratch for a Climate Change charity auction. I've not done anything like this before but I think it turned out ok. Its called the PU37 Explosive Climate...