1. amuelb

    Life-size Watcher — Horizon Zero Dawn

    Hello everyone, It's been about a year since I last posted on here back when I was building my CHAPPiE cosplay! Thanks to all the help and support I received the costume was a great success — so I thought it would be worth while to post about my latest build the Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn...
  2. SpiderPhantom5

    Done / Completed DONE

    Ending this posting because I realized my old one is still here after the site relaunch
  3. darthwhitey

    Jurassic Park Raptor bust 1:1

    Got this bust from Rylo. Paint work done by the talented 1:1 dino painter Steve Riojas from Denver. It's done in a JP3 paintjob, as we thought the bust was sculpted with that raptor in mind. He's super easy to wall mount, and VERY sturdy tight to the wall. Buyer pays shipping. He's big and...
  4. Breaker1Crazy

    Jurrasic Park raptor build

    Hey guys, I've been building costume for a few years now. Like a BumbleBee (from Transformers that actually transformed) costume, Master Chief (from Halo) and last year I made a Dalek costume (Doctor Who) However I've always set myself tight deadlines and low budget (in order, $25, $200, $150)...