1. R

    Rambo's jade buddha pendant

    Possible holy grail of Rambo's pendant replicas? Enlarge the pics and compare details :) let me know what you think!
  2. B

    United Cutlery Rambo 3 Knife Display Case

    Because the other website is hacked, i post my thread here again. Thats my Display Case with the UC Rambo III Knife... My Display for the First Blood Knife is 90% finished and coming soon! Sorry for my bad english. Regards from Germany :)
  3. S

    rambo knife

    i was searching on the internet look at rambo knives and their price range is over 100 dollars does anybody have any tutorials or old props they made and have the blue prints for. if you do that would be super helpful this is my first forum
  4. Raven1973

    Rambo First Blood Props

    Well, they may have already been in situ for the movie, but they were still featured so here they are guys. These are seen when Stallone runs up the side of the mountain, and stumbles into a junkyard, which was actually found while filming, so Stallone decided to add it to the movie, which in...