1. Alex Hayashi

    Ram Build

    With the convention around the corner I figured I better start posting progress on my Ram build for all of you. First two things I wanna show off first is my bio and weapons, made from resin and 3D printed. Designed from scratch and printed by the talented 3D Delight. 3D printing service | High...
  2. Alex Hayashi

    Ram Painting.

    So I'm currently working on a Ram build from P2 and I've hit a wall in regards to painting the armor. The armor itself has a more weathered silver look to it rather than the City Hunters weathered copper look. I just can't wrap my head around painting it, any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. Alex Hayashi

    P2 feet

    So does anyone know where I can buy a pair of latex feet for a Ram build from Predator 2? I've looked around and could only find ones with the sandals where as Ram goes barefoot. I did see a post while back about repainting lizard feet but doesn't appear they are sold anymore. Any suggestions?