1. phase pistol

    Star Wars SIxth Scale Bandai Tamashii Nations R2-D2 complete Chogokin Diecast Sixth Scale with stand, box, accessories

    Note: the upper lamp fixture atop the dome is loose, I think it may have been glued down once but has now come off. In any case I just laid it on top where it belongs, it looks fine. Could be easily re-glued by the buyer. Heavy diecast rendition of Artoo with spring-loaded center foot, crisp...
  2. DSNME

    3D-printed X-Wing in 1:12 scale (for Hasbro Black Series 6" figures)

    Hello everyone, I’m Dominic, 34 years old, long time Star Wars and X-Wing fan. I’m reading in this forum for years now, getting all sorts of tips and information about all kinds of Star Wars models. Great place! Now, after all these years, I have built something that is worth sharing here...
  3. thefett

    Folding Stair-Climbing R2-D2 Cart

    When taking my R2-D2 to charity events or conventions, there’s always the risk of running into a broken elevator or losing power far from the car, so it’s nice to have an emergency hand cart that can even go up/down stairs, so I created one. It leverages the folding and stair-climbing ability of...
  4. r2maker

    R2-D2 - 1976 RC True Historic Build blog

    I am really excited to get started on my personal build blog to create a historical build of the 1976 version of the RC Artoo unit. This first project for Feb 21 is the front flashing optics in the head. As with any prop replica prop, the first step is getting solid reference information...
  5. Justin Gunn

    Mystery Gonk Droid???

    I recently came across this behind the scenes shot from Ep IV and as a lover of all things GNK (gonk!), I was excited to see a droid I’ve never seen before. Does anyone have any info on this mystery (to me anyway) Gonk? (Also, I love that Kenny Baker is chowing down on a sandwich and a cup of...