1. DaBuild

    The Pym Particles from Ant-Man

    Hello fellow makers! I would like to share with you my latest build: The Pym Particles from Ant-man! If you feel like it, I will giveaway the blue Vial! (Check out full build video for more infos) I hope you enjoy! Cheers! Dan
  2. haasofprops

    3D Printed Hawkeye Arrows from the Season Finale

    Shortly after the airing of episode 3 I created a few arrowhead .stl files. Now, after watching the Hawkeye season finale I NEEDED to create some of those featured in that amazing sequence where Clint and Kate are creating new trick arrows. One of which is the new PYM particle arrow. The rate...
  3. DaBuild

    MARVEL Avengers: Endgame - The Pym Particles 1970's version

    Hello fellow makers! Here's my latest build video. It's the Pym Particles from Avengers: Endgame. The 1970's version. There's only one good reference of these little puppies so I did the best I could. :) I hope you enjoy! Cheers! Dan