punisher war zone

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  1. Nm1cciola

    PUNISHER 1/6 Scale Model kit

    This all started when Daredevil Season 2 ended I was searching for any punisher model kits and I couldn't find any aside from the Horizon punisher kit but when I saw what the final result looked like to say the least I was a little underwhelmed at what I saw since they made such awesome looking...
  2. TestEagle

    Punisher Vest from Netflix Daredevil Season 2

    I tend to do more WIPs but as we've had a few projects on we haven't done one this time, this is more of a show of final product. This was our first version: And here is our current (with Punisher emblem): Vest is made with a combination of cordura, leather, nylon straps and various...
  3. WolframCreative

    Wolfram Creative MurK Armor Custom Punisher & others

    Made from a semi Rigid Urethane, Mur'K Armor is a perfect costume chest piece that can be character specific. Made with our Mur'K series Masks in mind, it's comfortable and versatile for many character pieces. Basic Color is Black, but casts can be made custom color per customization request...
  4. Br00mstigg

    WIP Punisher Skull Flak-Jacket (from Daredevil Season 2) + sewing patterns

    I just finished my second viewing of the second season of Daredevil and holy crap i love the Punisher :) Still all hyped up from the finale I thought hey, I've got a few days left before my courses begin again, how about a quick side project. First I tried to find a few pictures for reference...
  5. SpiritV

    The Punisher Project: Sidestrike Done

    Hi everyone, After my first costume was a huge success - although, I have a long ways to go - I have decided that I'll go as The Punisher to the local Geek Con (there's not enough of us comic book fans to just have big Comic Con so all gamers, LARPers, video gamers, comic book readers and...
  6. R

    Help with a damaged armor for Punisher cosplay, please?

    Hey guys, I'm working on Iron Man's arm and gloves for my Punisher cosplay, but I have no ideia how to make battle damage effects, especially about the painting. I'm working on cardboard that I have already painted in shine black (which will be the final color), and I'm gonna put some details...
  7. Fly4v

    Marvel Costumes for less than $50 USD... and no sewing is required!

    Have a casual day at work, need something quick for charity or fun or don't have the time and money for one of the great sub-dye suits here on the RPF? Shopping with little effort, at Target and on Amazon, it is possible to put together some decent costumes using Marvel Tee-shirts, Jerzees long...
  8. T

    New Member building original design armor

    Hello! I'm a new member to the RPF, but I've been watching threads for the past couple months after discovering an amazing Mass Effect N7 armor build using these EVA foam mats as my crafting material. I was inspired by the ME armor, but also a video on BackyardFX about how easy it is so...
  9. R

    Punisher: War Zone Carousel Snow Globe

    Hey, I have been searching for the actual carousel snow globe prop or a replica of the one featured in a memorable scene from 'Punisher: War Zone' for my daughter. I have been unsuccessful in finding contact information for set decorate Suzanne Cloutier or for the directors; Amazon.com and eBay...

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