pulse rifle

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  1. Seananigans

    Pulse Rifle 1/6 scale 3d resin print, moving pump grip etc

    1/6 scale Pulse Rifle printed on my new resin printer, test print shown which needed some adjustments ie mag well, thickened stock, more supports,etc...
  2. Moosh89

    Want to Buy Aliens Metal Pulse Rifle Parts

    Looking for a few parts for my pulse rifle build. Most notably I'm looking for a SPAS 12 cage/pump grip combo and some accurate aluminum shrouds. Also interested in barrel finishings and stock. Must be able to ship to Canada.
  3. Seananigans

    M41A Pulse Rifle 3d print.

    Having hardly any experience with cad design software I hit my first hurdle so i decided on the basic Tinkercad and all the PR files from the interwebs I could lay my hands on. Anyways I managed to print a rough Spas cage/Remington 870 prototype/mock-up with working 'pump' and I'm just printing...
  4. Echo4890

    Done FOUND - M41A Pulse Rifle Shroud / Parts

    Currently looking for some parts to help with a Hero PR project. Interested in various PR parts, most notably a sling and a shroud. Thank you!
  5. Seananigans

    Another 3d Printed Pulse Rifle.

    Just thought I'd post my attempt at the Aliens Pulse Rifle, the stl file I used was pretty old and very rough around the edges so needed loads of sanding/filling/repeat, I wasn't happy with the first shroud colour (too green) so I sanded yet again and added more bess Brown to olive drab. Anyways...
  6. tmax

    Unlimited Run Aliens - M41A Pulse Rifle Kit - RUN OPEN!

    RUN OPEN!!! On offer here we have a full scale 3D printed kit of the M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens. A lot of time has been spent on the design to give you the most accurate kit available... Working grenade slide... The kit will come in numerous parts so the usual kit assembly...

    Problems with Matsuo?

    Hi all,I started a deal with Matt in February and put down a deposit on it.I haven't had the item yet,5 months later.I know that Matt has had a few problems of late and admits himself that the job has gone on longer than expected and that he has others waiting too. I was wondering if anyone...

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