pulp fiction

  1. Krats

    Oil Paintings featuring props I've made

    This might not sound like it belongs here but bear with me a mo... So I’m around here a lot, occasionally posting but usually lurking. I love watching movies and making props but my main buzz comes from painting. A while back my wonderful (and incredibly patient) other-half suggested I combine...
  2. Buch

    My Pulp Fiction collection (NEW: Fruit Brute cereal box)

    Been wanting to start a thread about my still-small-but-growing 'Pulp Fiction' prop collection :) First item to show off is my version of Zed's keys: Before searching for the keys, I started reading the excellent research threads on here about this specific prop, which was a great help...
  3. Rovers

    Prop history photography project

    Short introduction about my story: Hello everybody, my name is Daniele and I am a photographer from London. After breaking my right wrist in a car accident 1.5 years ago I was forced at home for 2 months, an eternity. Luckly in those 2 months Youtube kept me company and from a avid DIY person I...
  4. H

    Any resident Red Apple experts?

    Hi everyone I'm fairly new to this, but to begin with I'd like to make one (or probably) more Red Apple soft packs. I'm an advertising Art Director with 15+ years in the business, so graphic production is not an issue, accuracy however is. During my preliminary 'research' I noticed that there's...
  5. SaintNoOne

    Quentin Tarantino Paper Props

    The T man uses many props throughout his film universe such as Red Apple Cigarettes, Jack Rabbit Slims, Big Kahuna Burger, etc. I wanted to get some Tarantino prop together. And hoped you guys would like to do the same. Along with Red Apple, Tarantino also uses Morley Cigarettes. Here is a...
  6. DRBJR

    Pulp Fiction: Zed's Keys

    But, I got his keys! I picked up the "Z" fob from BMF Wallets a while ago and decided that having screen accurate keys to go with it would be a fun and simple project. As most research projects start, I gathered some screen caps and started Googling. I found some eBay auctions for some of the...
  7. otaku rocku

    Red Apple Cigarettes *First prop build*

    Hey guys. This is the first prop I have ever built and admittedly it is a fairly simple one. I am posting it here to se if anybody has any advice on how I can improve on it and maybe weather it a little.
  8. Groucho

    Pulp Fiction "Ass Watch" Kangaroo HELPFULL INFO

    My first thread and hope to contribute more. Let me know what you think. One of my favorite movies to watch is Pulp Fiction. One of the easiest props to obtain for me any way has been the Kangaroo. I saw them listed online for $40-50 respectively if posted correctly. This Kangaroo...