1. DracoAdamantus

    Technique: Creating Rough Bark Using Bondo

    Hey everybody. Been lurking on this site for a while and finally decided to get involved with the community, and I wanted to start off by sharing an amazing technique I accidentally discovered trying to smooth a 3D printed bow. In short, by improperly applying bondo, you can create an incredibly...
  2. Miak1031

    Cleaning Up Foam/Paint Prep

    Hey All, I finally took the leap and made my first foam prop. I molded a brick from my yard in silicone and cast it FlexFoam-iT 17. I'm really happy with the results, but am having an issue at the location of my pour spout. After cutting off the excess foam, I now have a nice rectangle with no...
  3. Nowonder

    Dolores Umbridge letter opener (Harry Potter the Order of the Phoenix)

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share this recent find of mine: it is Dolores Umbridge's brass letter opener from HP5. You can spot this very uniquely shaped item on her desk in pretty much all the scenes featuring her office at Hogwarts. I've always been fascinated by this letter opener but could...