1. PlanetAlexander

    Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica

    Aloha! Now that I've got some new tools (mainly a scroll saw), I've decided that I'm finally gonna start my Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum prop. However, I picked up a cheap Nerf Firestrike Elite gun a while ago, so now I plan on making a prop that can actually fire. Here is an outline I traced...
  2. M


    Hi all! Here's my rendition of the Gungi saber :) it's been something I've been making for awhile. Check out some pictures, just thought I'd share it. Also the custom chassis I make for it too.
  3. HonorableWhat

    Looking to buy hellboy corpse locator kit or finished prop

    hi, i am getting into building the cosplay of one of my favorite comic book/movie characters. Ive found almost every thing i need except the corpse locator, Broom’s rosary, and the amulet hellboy tries to use on the tooth fairy. I was hoping to find someone who has a kit of the corpse locator...
  4. HonorableWhat

    In need of a 3d printer for small prop

    hi im trying to get together some hellboy props and there is a 3d model available of the reliquary hellboy hands to abe available to the public but i have no 3d printer. was wondering if anyone would be willing to print this and send it to me. payment would be possible within reason for such a...
  5. HonorableWhat

    Hellboy Props and cosplay building items

    I plan on building my hellboy costume. not skipping anything so i thought id make this thread for people to post info on all the little things. such as where you can find(or get incredibly close) to Prof. Brooms necklace(which i still cant seem to find) or say the locators, maybe the back patch...
  6. Beth D SFX

    Original Jumanji Board Refrences

    Evening Everyone, I'm currently a student studying model making for TV and Film, and an upcoming project we have is the history of replication. I'm looking to recreate the iconic Jumanji board, but I need to recreate it as authentically as possible. This means finding out how the original was...
  7. cloverblacklupo

    Harry Potter and Hermione's FIRST DESIGN wands

    Hello, I have always liked the design of Harry's and Hermione's wands from the first two movies a lot better than the new designs introduced by Alfonso Cuaron in Prisoner of Azkaban, and I would like to recreate them. I am also struggling finding pictures of the actual props, or movie pictures...
  8. Rook 3

    WTT/WTS: Universal Designs Tron Legacy "Tron" style suit set.

    This is the WHITE color TRON suit from Tron Legacy. This set includes, Jacket, Pants and gloves. No boots, as I was going to use my own motorcycle boots with the set. All pieces are size LARGE. Leather construction with flexible materials. Includes original fabric storage bags. Pieces are...
  9. yostevec

    Need help with ANH Vader Helmet and Saber

    So I've been wanting to build an ANH Vader for a while and I have the Heiland flash handle, but I need to get the other parts to add. I would prefer to use original parts, but I'm not too picky about using replica parts. plus the Heiland is missing the it's clamp Also I have a helmet kit, but...
  10. G

    The Phone from Her

    I just recently watched the movie Her and was fascinated by the minimalist tech. I wondered what the phone and ear piece were used from? This is the directors quote, "address book that we found. It’s made of aluminum with two screens that opens like a little book, with leather-embossed inlay...
  11. cloverblacklupo

    Severus Snape SCREEN USED wand pictures

    Hi everyone, I am looking for as many HD pictures as possible of SCREEN USED (not noble collection, japan or other replicas) Severus Snape's wand. From events like Comic Con, WB studio tour, or Harry Potter: the Exhibition (even though I suspect some of the wands they shiw there are fromthe...
  12. cloverblacklupo

    Severus Snape wand pictures

  13. K

    Simple/Easier Prop Builds For a Beginner With Little Experience

    Hi All, I'm quite new to prop building and was hoping for some suggestions for easier/simpler prop builds. I want to start building my skills because what I have done with prop building I have found quite enjoyable but want to start to really expand. If it helps I love sci-fi a lot so...
  14. sketcherdan

    Limited Run Imperial Field Knife | Solo Concept (metal)

    Update in post #186 A few kits now up for grabs! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I was looking though the concept art for Solo and came across this image which captured my attention...
  15. propmaster2000

    Alliance Pistol from Serenity - A challenge to Model and 3D print

    I was wondering if this Alliance Prop weapon could be modeled and 3D printed? Since the Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet LCD Paintball Gun with the rubber grips that it was created from is no longer available and getting harder to find, it occurred to me that maybe it could be printed already...
  16. Assault Rifle official prop

    Assault Rifle official prop

    This is the official A.R. Weta replica.
  17. Gas Projector gun prop

    Gas Projector gun prop

    I believe this is an official Weta replica.
  18. Axonite Syringe - Claws of Axos

    Axonite Syringe - Claws of Axos

    Used to enlarge any organic object.
  19. voodoo doll

    voodoo doll

    Original Voodoo Doll prop from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom