prop gun

  1. modelnut

    I need advice on finishing a 3D printed Babylon 5 PPG

    Hello all! I just got a 3D printed Babylon 5 PPG off of Etsy today. The scan lines really show. I have some high build primer that I will start applying tomorrow to try to fill those lines. But I need some advice an making it look like smooth metal. What should I do? I plan on hollowing out...
  2. GealicWolf

    Elysium AK-47 Encoder

    So after WAAYYY to long, I have gotten back to work on Max's Exosuit and props. Here is the latest I have gotten done. The AK-47 Encoder. (AK's are easy to get, the encoder, not so much) posted here. Elysium AK Encoder by Gealicwolf
  3. LordEnfys

    I Need Ideas!

    I have an old non functioning glue gun that i want to use as the base of a futuristic/sci fi gun prop... But i cant decide on a design... So i turn to you fine folks and ask for suggestions so i can hopefully get over my "maker's block". Haaaalp!