predator accessorys

  1. rands1986

    Avp Scar predator computer gauntlet build

    Some photos of my computer gauntlet. Still a work in progress. Materials 10 mil eva foam 5 mil eva foam 2 mil eva foam Plastic box Red led lights Clear Plastic sheet Black spray paint 9 volt battery and battery holder with on off switch Painters masking tape. Templates from vinman Will...
  2. A

    Plasma cannon

    Does anyone on here a 3D file to make a 3D print of a plasma cannon or know anyone who can make them?
  3. Predfan

    Working Pred Countdown Timer

    Since I do not have the ability to post in the marketplace yet, I thought I would try here. I am looking for someone to sell or build a countdown timer for me. Just 4 numeric, no special blinking lights. No lens or case, just the board with lighting and power supply. Preferable size around 1" to...
  4. Predathor87

    Want to buy predator Armor pieces

    Hi! I want to buy predator head with removable mask celtic type with a upper body skin+armor with accessorys! i am at europe so if possible international shipping! write me here or to my email address: