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    Want to Buy WTB: Predators Machete with sheath

    Hello, im putting together a Royce costume from the movie predators and i need to locate some replica knives. I would prefer resin or mold cast replicas for a "con safe version" the machete should come with a woodland camo leather sheath or leather sheath with camo fabric overlay. the other...
  2. A

    M134 Predator Minigun Ol' Painless, building a exact replica with Real parts!

  3. I

    Pint Sized Predator

    Hey, I'm new here. great site!! So for Halloween 2015, I built my 8 year old a full body predator suit. We plan on going to MonsterPalooza this year in Burbank to get a little more mileage out of it. :) I'm thinking of reworking the pincers as they are controlled by bladders. His hands...
  4. Goldmoon

    War God predator !!!

    Here are some of the armor pieces I made , some I used Avp armor templates and a couple I designed myself Here's what I have so far but I still have a long way to go before its done (btw this was painted by myself and the he's I got was off of eBay) (also this is my first costume so dont hate...
  5. Goldmoon

    Need vendor that has body suits :( please help

    I'm looking for a vendor that supplies body suits ...does anyone know one?
  6. StatuesFigsMore

    Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue

    Review video of my Narin 2 Guns Cleaner Wolf Predator Statue Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to comment or give feedback or suggestions. ENJOY!
  7. Spyroro

    My Predator costume. (Still in progress (Only the mask for now) )

    Hey, So I'm making my predator costume. And the thing is, it's really hard, but I'm trying really, really hard. The material that I use right now is sculpting air dry clay on a styrofoam head, and later on gonna use liquid latex. (Yes, I use the hard way, because where I live everything is...
  8. Wreav

    Predator SM Bust

    Hi guys, just wanted to show my updated works.
  9. Slick Predator

    Slick_Predator in action

    My predator without the latest upgrades. Enjoy :)
  10. Slick Predator

    Pics from Halloween 2015

    2015 Halloween contest at Inn of the Mountain God's casino NM.
  11. xdmray

    Falmer trophy Predator bio WIP

    SO i have had this bio sitting around for a while and decided i would kit bash it with one of my falmer helmets.
  12. PompousPompador

    Let's Start a discussion, what is your favorite predator? In any form media?

    So, I figure since nobody is really talking about much these days, let's resurrect an ancient discussion. What is your favorite predator? From any media? Books, movies, games, fan art? I'll start it off. My favorite Yautja is the original. Not because it was the first, though that has a part of...
  13. 213ardj

    Arnold costume/props

    Does anyone know what the cheapest prop/costume Arnold Schwarcenegger used? Screen used or replica probably replica.
  14. G

    Mass Effect m-3 Predator Help

    Hey guys, I am trying to make an M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol Prop from an old laser gun I have. It is a Wowwee Light strike Pistol. I will actually be using the prop in a LARP that involves traveling through forests (at worst) or Airsoft fields (at best). My main question is will EVA foam be...
  15. Dugzor

    Predator (P1) Bio Mask Pep

    Who wouldn't want a Predator Bio Mask hanging on their wall? Or on their face? My first foray into prop building, and so far, I'm really enjoying it. I've been a fan of Predator since I was way too young to have watched it, and have longed for a bio mask prop. I'm working on a budget, so I...
  16. Arktic

    Predator costume build

    Hey everyone - I'm posting this over the The Hunter's Lair / Predatorium, but thought there might be some interested folks here too. I've started to get a super budget Predator costume build together, and thought I'd share a few work in progress images. I'm hoping to wear the costume to a...
  17. wraslor

    Tutorial: How to paint an elder predator bio helmet with Joe "ta2pro" Evans

    Our latest tutorial, this time Joe shows us how he paints an elder predator bio, enjoy!
  18. vykos

    Tricky project - Machiko cannon

    Hello all. We are currently working on a Machiko costume, based on the HotToys figure. One of the ideas is to connect the helmet to the cannon, so the cannon moves when I move my head. It can be done, I just need to know how. We have a basic understanding of electronics and circuits, and the...
  19. F

    Predator costume build question

    Hello fellow ones! Anyone knows how to get or make an undersuit and the body-netting for a predator costume? The armor parts i can make using jfcustom's foam files :) Thanks!
  20. V

    Predator Mask (Complete)

    Hello everyone, this is one of my latest works. My name's Vico and i want to start my first thread with one of my best projects. I already have got experience about the techniques of making a creative work in full scale, and i want to show you what i'm able to do. This is how I made my...
  21. X

    Gladiator Predator

    Hey people of rpf, Fairly new here but been following the site's fb page for a while now,I must say its one of the things I look forward to when browsing my feed. Just wanted to share a work I did last year. Hope you guys like it. It made from part sculpey and part sculpey firm.
  22. Xeobalth

    My Darth Maul Predator!

    Hello all, I used JFCustoms predator foam pepakura files to turn a traditional predator into a Darth Maul Predator build.
  23. V

    Just sharing: My pepakura WIP

    Hey guys, still new to Pepakura. I used 200gsm paper and reinforced it with paper mache. Don't know how I can smoothen it... I was thinking of using powdered form wall filler mixed with pva glue, since I'm allergy to using resin... What do you think or any other suggestions?
  24. K

    Mini Guns, Large and small.

    I haven't posted in a long time, but I've been VERY busy with the Mr Minigun minis (over 300 of them!) I've created. Here's a few recent builds:

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