1. V

    Predator Mask (Complete)

    Hello everyone, this is one of my latest works. My name's Vico and i want to start my first thread with one of my best projects. I already have got experience about the techniques of making a creative work in full scale, and i want to show you what i'm able to do. This is how I made my...
  2. X

    Gladiator Predator

    Hey people of rpf, Fairly new here but been following the site's fb page for a while now,I must say its one of the things I look forward to when browsing my feed. Just wanted to share a work I did last year. Hope you guys like it. It made from part sculpey and part sculpey firm.
  3. Xeobalth

    My Darth Maul Predator!

    Hello all, I used JFCustoms predator foam pepakura files to turn a traditional predator into a Darth Maul Predator build.
  4. 1:1 Predator busts

    1:1 Predator busts

  5. V

    Just sharing: My pepakura WIP

    Hey guys, still new to Pepakura. I used 200gsm paper and reinforced it with paper mache. Don't know how I can smoothen it... I was thinking of using powdered form wall filler mixed with pva glue, since I'm allergy to using resin... What do you think or any other suggestions?
  6. K

    Mini Guns, Large and small.

    I haven't posted in a long time, but I've been VERY busy with the Mr Minigun minis (over 300 of them!) I've created. Here's a few recent builds:
  7. K

    Predator sculpt and latex cast.

    Hi guys, first time poster. I have only just started out sculpting as a hobby so could really do with your guys help, opinions and input. Let me know what you think of my predator.
  8. D

    predators pepakura?

    are there any pepakura files for the masks and armors seen in predators because i thought those were just the coolest looking ones! thanks
  9. IRMacGuyver

    Has anyone tried modding this "Adventure Force" minigun yet?

    I got an idea for a friend to cosplay Jesse Ventura from Predator. In a perfect world I'd make it fire nerf rounds but right now all it does is eject cartridges on the feed belt.
  10. cavx

    PREDATOR 3D Blu-ray Disc

    I just picked this up (as a Christmas present to myself) and thought I'd share. It seems well made and based against my foam bio, it seems to be sized about 75%. It is pretty well made though I do have to question the bio mask as it just does not seem to be deep (wrap around) enough...
  11. nemo13400

    Predator Wolf Bio Helmet (for display, newbie build...not so bad :)

    Hi, here my second Prd helmet thanks for your comments :)
  12. S

    Building my pred mask 2013

    So far...
  13. snakes88

    Wolf predator mask respray

    Hi Guys It has been such along time since I last visited.just wanted to share a few photos of what i been upto,thought I'd do a respray on the first mask I made.Thanks for looking :)
  14. Durkness

    Family of Predators - Foam build - *Completed*

    Time to start running with a new thread with a build I'm actually working on.... Someone bought my Blue Beetle before I completed it.... :unsure Funny how all the Iron Man builds have their own flavor or style even though it's the same thing. This would be why I'm posting, I might as well add...
  15. Z

    Predator cardboard bio helmet wip

    I've seen a couple of cardboard predator bio helmets on various forums and they didn't look too time consuming so I gave it a go! This is my interpretation of the p1 helmet, it's by no means perfect but I can see it taking shape. I definitely underestimated the time it would take to build the...
  16. Lflank

    Crusader Pole-Axe From Foamies

    I'm working up a fan-film script that involves a Predator, a Xenomorph and a few Crusader Knights, and wanted to make a pole weapon for one of the knights. I decided to go with a pole-axe: The spike at the top is a cone made from rolled paper; the axe head, hammer head and shaft guards are...
  17. D

    Lifesize Predator Wall Hanger Bust

    Hi guys. Here is my life size Black Heart Predator. Any thought, or comments, good or bad, are most welcome. Thanks!
  18. "The Judge" Predator Bio Helmet

    "The Judge" Predator Bio Helmet

    Mashup between judge dredd helmet and a predator bio
  19. My 10yr old daughter's 2012 Halloween Predator Costume

    My 10yr old daughter's 2012 Halloween Predator Costume

    This was a really fun build! It took less than four weeks to complete and just a bit less than $200. You can check out my build thread here:
  20. Female Predator

    Female Predator

    An original design thinking on how should be the girls of this species.
  21. A

    My not quite 100% complete Predator Bio Mask

    So, let me first start off by saying this: I got my paws on Spartan's version of the Bio Mask. It was probably the hardest pep I have EVER done. So, now thats out of the way, I did this in a TOTAL of four hours. That includes the time it took to add filler, paint, cut out the parts, glue them...
  22. SMOKE

    Smoke's Predator Build WIP -Done. I think.

    Hello all, I started this build alittle after halloween and I'm comfortable enough with my progress to share with my family here on the RPF. I have a WIP thread over on with a bit more detail that what's in this thread. Let me get everyone caught up.. First I read threads...
  23. L

    Predator head replica

    Here's a few pictures of a Preadator replica I made!
  24. daydalus1

    My movie / collection room

    Hello everyone i'm new to the forum but wanted to show my small theater room. Please excuse the poor video quality and my shaky hands. I also apologize for all the glare on the display cases. Thanks for looking. VID00020 - YouTube
  25. xdmray

    Predator 1 wall sconce

    I had this up over at the Lair. I thought maybe some of you might like to see it. It is a 1:1 pred bio and blades cast out of fiberglass resin mounted on poplar.