1. DONW999

    POTC Harrington's spadroon sword

  2. D

    Working Jack Sparrow Compass

    Hi everyone! This is my first real post here after lurking for quite some time. In September my wife and I ordered my dad an eight escudo prop that was used in POTC The Curse of The Black Pearl. I don't like to use regular wrapping paper for my movies gifts so I fell down the rabbit hole and...
  3. willrhami

    Brass Cast and Gold Plated POTC Aztec Medallion (Reference help appreciated)

    After failing a $600 lightsaber project that had been my lifeblood for the last 8 months, I wanna work on a completely different project I've never thought of before, or at least not for longer than a moment. I settled on something SUPER out there, but something I think if done right could be...
  4. Kobeque

    Bill Turner's knife from Pirates of the Caribbean

    I like replicating underappreciated props, so here is my attempt at a replica of Bill Turner's "Black Knife" from Pirates of the Caribbean. This is the knife that Bootstrap Bill gives him, and the same knife that is used to cut out his heart at the end of the third film. There's hardly any good...
  5. Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean

    Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean