1. MrVolt

    Portal 2 Animatronic GLaDOS

    Hey all! I've lurked these forums for years, and while I've gained tons of inspiration, I haven't shared any builds of my own. I thought I'd kick things off with a thread for my current big personal build: an animatronic version of G.L.a.D.O.S. as she appears in Portal 2. While I would love to...
  2. T

    Portal 2 Portal Gun Build: Seeking Help!

    Hi Everyone, I'm building a PORTAL GUN and I need help I have most of the details down however there is a detail I'm stuck on. In most portal gun replicas there are red LEDs on the front prongs on the gun and I'm unsure on what part of the prong they go on (see pictures) to be more accurate to...
  3. Portal2: Atlas

    Portal2: Atlas

    Made for my 8yr old son. my build thread is here: http://www.therpf.com/f24/simplebots-2012-halloween-costume-contest-entry-portal-165205/