1. X

    Help fixing my new portal gun replica.

    Hello everyone, first time poster here, after hearing the rpf forums on tested podcasts so often I figured that this would be a good place to ask for help. I just got the NECA portal gun replica (had to pay a bit more to an ebay seller so it would ship to canada) and eagerly waited 14 days...
  2. M

    Personality Core/Sphere

    First time posting a new thread here in the awesome RPF. I've been wanting to make a Personality Core/Sphere for a little while. Recently my son has been asking to I actually do it and not just "want" to do it. :lol So here we go. I'd like to apologize in advance if I donk up something here...
  3. M

    My Portal Prop plans

    I will start this by saying I wish I had started a wip thread in here sooner. However it's never too late :-) So here goes: Currently Working on a 9" portal 2 turret with motion sensing animatronics, lights and sounds. Current electronics I am working with: Arduino Nano board...
  4. EAGON

    Handheld Portal Device COMPLETE

    Hey I am making a portal gun. It is coming along pretty sweet. check it out at Flickr: Eagonwuzhere's Photostream shoot me some pointers or tips....its to scale if this pic doesnt show jump over to flickr and scope it I am a new member to the rpf....so i am not very good at navigating yet.
  5. Dainbramage546

    A Companion Cube - A Build With Love

    While I was waiting for my roommate to finish wiring up one of our portal guns I decided to make a companion cube. My major gives me access to a full wood shop, making this a pretty simple build. I started off by buying a 4' x 4' sheet of 1/2" plywood. Step one, build the main cube. I have...
  6. C

    P-body costume

    Hi all, This is my 2nd attempt at a fiberglass costume, but after running into some problems with the 1st I figured I should post this project here to get some advice on various things. Anyway, the first thing I did was get some measurements and reference images and made a 1:1 scale template of...
  7. Loserizer

    Portal props

    Ok so i want to build some Portal props, But i dont know where to start. Does anyone know how to build a portal gun and make the Apeture Science testing jumpsuit? Also i want to build a turret and a core with an anamatronic eye. Any suggestions or tips?
  8. Dainbramage546

    Portal Gun Build

    I've been looking around this forum for months and found a lot of helpful information for my first build, an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, so I decided to post a work in progress thread. This was inspired by Volpin's build. Mr. Krix, if you happen to read this, thank you for the...
  9. Koko

    Aperture Labratories Scientist Costume

    Is there a standard for making an Aperture Laboratories Scientist costume? I was just going to buy a standard lab coat, and see if I can get the Aperture Logo and maybe my name embroidered on the front above the chest pocket, and a larger Aperture logo and a slogan embroidered or screen printed...
  10. TheNickFox

    Portal 2 Turrets - Need Pictures

    Okay, so I know some of you are pretty handy with a computer, so I was wondering if someone had the ability to rip the game model of the Portal 2 turrets so I could get a good look at the guts of one of those things. (Including the skeleton/frame) I'm looking to put together a Portal 2...
  11. tastgr

    Portal Gun from scratch! First build!

    Hey everyone! I just registered, so I figure I'd throw up the pics of my first build happening now! An 'Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device'. Comments and questions welcome! (More about me later...)
  12. dstilgar

    Companion Cube Sub Woofer and Morality Core Speakers

    Here's a mostly complete set of speakers I've built. The original worklog was posted on another forum long ago, but despite being a member here, I'm not allowed to sell anything yet, and I figure the best way to get my post count up is to actually contribute something useful. The first part of...
  13. S

    Portal 2 Fact Core cosplay help

    This being my first post I feel the need to say hello RPF; I'm so grateful to have found you guys. I'm working on my first ever model, specifically a cosplay piece for a Portal 2 costume I want to make and naturally, I'm a bit overwhelmed. My basic idea is to turn this: into a wearable mascot...
  14. Weaselhammer

    Ace Replica's portal guns, anyone know these guys?

    Found this facebook page for some guys selling Portal gun replicas for around $1000 if I understand right. Ace Replicas | Facebook Seems kinda high, what do you guys think ? I am not endorsing or advertising the page, and am not affiliated with them, just getting opinions.
  15. C

    IMAGE HEAVY : Chell (Portal 2) Progress (ASHPD, Boots and Jumpsuit)

    Hello! So I’m about to put a rocket up my Chell (.ver Portal 2) to make sure it is done before AVCon. (Adelaide’s Anime and Video Game Convention) (I’m in South Australia…) The con is late July…so I’ve about 6 weeks to go! AHHHHH! Components are of course the jumpsuit, tank top, ASHPD and...
  16. MrSinistar

    Best place to get Acrylic Spheres?

    Hi guys, I'm looking into making a Wheatley or Space Core from Portal 2 and I want to use an acrylic sphere as a jumping off point. Does anyone know where would be a good place to get cheap acrylic spheres? Thanks
  17. Z

    Full Size Portal Camera Help

    Hello friends! This is my first post, so I will hope to make it worth your time! Now, what I hope to achieve over the summer is to complete a full size (and maybe motorized) Portal camera! I would like to take the small papercraft Portal camera ( Portal Camera Papercraft by ~trebory6 on...
  18. Z

    Portal Life Size Camera

    Hello friends! This is my first post, but I am hoping to make it worth your time! Now, A short while back I made a Portal Camera papercraft. You know, the little one you can hang on your wall? Yeah, well, after looking through the forum for the past few days I have not been able to find what I...
  19. DarkJedi1500

    Dark Jedi 1500's Portal Gun Signed by Jon Coulton! 9/9/2011!

    [Insert funny intro statement here] Not much needs to be said; I just decided I really wanted to try to make a portal gun. Here is my progress thus far. Most of this build is inspired by the excellent documentation Volpin put out about his builds. The main barrels of the gun are made from 3”...
  20. Slukaj

    To all electronics / LED people out there!

    Ok, so this is mainly for anybody who's familiar w/ LEDs and electronics. I'm looking for a way to build an eye from the Personality Spheres that changes color and pattern w/o swapping the physical eye out. Any suggestions? Here are what the eyes are supposed to look like. Remember, one...
  21. ThrowingChicken

    ASHPD - Portal Gun [image heavy, just the way you like it]

    Figured it was time I shared this here... Introduction I've been a huge fan of Valve ever since downloading Half-Life: Uplink from a game demos website back in 1999, then running out to purchase the full game after saving up enough nickles and dimes. Since the release of Half-Life 2, I have...