playstation 4

  1. Chris8472

    Uncharted 2 Phurba Dagger

    Finally finished painting up my Phurba Dagger I received from Avagoyamug a few years ago. Fun Build! Took me a great deal of time to find the right kind of Paint to do the gold. In the end I used SMS Paints "Inca Gold" Sprayed over Alclad II Aluminium Chrome. For the Cintamani Stone, I used some...
  2. rerix

    Someone selling good Spiderman PS4 webshooters?

    well, the title gives it away. Looking for the spiderman ps4 webshooters. The wristband (if it's included) doesn't matter how it looks. Just want to wear it on a suit, so the magnets should be kinda strong. I do own one which i bought somewhere online, but the magnets are saddly too weak that...