playing cards

  1. deck5

    Janice Rand / Charlie X playing cards - Etsy

    I always wanted these, and now I've managed to make them. From "Charlie X", where Charlie does a magic trick to charm Yeoman Rand. $19 Canadian, shipped free (reinforced lettermail) anywhere in the world. PM me for PayPal details. These are the cards I've reproduced (real coated playing...
  2. Corellian_Spike_Deck_RPF_Potroclo.eps


    Full Corellian Spike deck as seen in Solo a Star Wars Story, made by Potroclo
  3. Brigandia36

    James Bond: Live and let die (1973)

    I am looking for the Solitaire's tarot game. Everywhere I look, it is currently unavailable. Is there anybody here who can post hi res scan of each face and the deck ? Thank you proud members of the RPF.