1. Plokman

    Plastics and the use of Vaseline as a mold release

    Hey all, I know I know been a long time, shop work has kinda been secondary if not completely last priority for a the last few months. Since July really, my stepmother (former at this point) has driven me and my dad to serious levels of stress. In my case caused me a relapse into PTSD Panic...
  2. Nasa

    Death Becomes Her Elixir Bottle

    So I have been asked a few times if I am able to make this replica from the dark comedy 'Death Becomes Her' which is a very difficult prop to duplicate considering it stands on its tip. With the interest shown towards my Omegahedron, Neverending Story Book and Floating Rose, I thought I might...
  3. SwedishChef

    AMT Klingon Bird of Prey Build (WIP)

    I purchased this kit a while back and now have time to work on it, and hopefully do it justice. The kit itself is nice, but I’ve built so many Bandai Star Wars kits that I’m spoiled rotten when I go back to these older kits that have no where near the detail and impeccable molding. It’s a great...
  4. E

    Random Greeblie pack

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place or whatever but I have a question for you guys. I know these have been spoken about on here before but are there any people selling Greeblie packs? I'm looking for a random assortment of pieces. Likely they would be 3D printed (I'd do it myself...