1. D

    Working Jack Sparrow Compass

    Hi everyone! This is my first real post here after lurking for quite some time. In September my wife and I ordered my dad an eight escudo prop that was used in POTC The Curse of The Black Pearl. I don't like to use regular wrapping paper for my movies gifts so I fell down the rabbit hole and...
  2. Nibenon

    Nib's Jack Sparrow Baldric: en masse

    Hey all; long time no see. For as much as my participation on here has admittedly waned, I just can't keep away. At this point, though, I've become a professional craftsman, thanks in no small part to learning so much here. By day I do interior work on aircraft, and by night I sew and do...
  3. Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean

    Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean

  4. The Ultimate Fan Costume

    The Ultimate Fan Costume

    Indy Magnoli's entry into the 2012 Halloween Costume Contest: a huge cross-over of 12 costumes from 8 different franchises. Build Thread: http://www.therpf.com/f24/indy-magnolis-2012-halloween-costume-contest-entry-164414/