1. BloodBuccaneer

    Help with Pirate Ship Models/Painting for a Film

    I have decided to make a “Pirate Short Film” over the next 5 months and am looking into different ways to incorporate models into the film. I have a plan to composite and use CG a healthy amount in the film to create scale, and film actors on bluescreen as well as on location using set...
  2. MenacingSoul13

    Once Upon a Time Hook's rum bottle

    Looking for someone who can recreate Hook's rum bottle/flash from Once Upon a Time.
  3. General Grunt

    Original (Parody) Kaiju Suit Help

    I havn't posted here in ages and I aplogize for that. Usually I build puppets (all types, muppet style, latex rubber etc.) but I'm taking on my biggest challenge yet: a Kaiju suit. I've never built one before, though I have a ver general idea of how they're made. 2 reasons I'm building is...
  4. Cbstudios

    CB's Captain Jack Sparrow Compass Build.

    Well, with this year marking my 10 year point in my Jack Sparrow cosplay life, my Disney Store compass has been looking a bit sorry and out of place. I've upgraded every part of my gear (Most several times over) and there's barely anything that isn't authentic or close to in it. Down to custom...
  5. Davy Jones

    Davy Jones