1. MrMalto4

    Working Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI

    Hello to everyone reading my first post on THERPF, Today I will be sharing with all of you my version of the Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI, using the base kit made by The Wand Company, and highly inspired by both YourGeekFix (Jeromy) and Esso Bregor (Roger Bosse). This project started out after seeing a...
  2. yourgeekfix

    Fully Working Pip-boy 2000 Modification

    The Journey of Making a Real Working Pip-Boy 2000 and How To Do It! After two years, meeting and collaborating with the designer Chris Barnardo of the Wand Company and former lead artist, Nate Purkeypile of Bethesda, not to mention a lot of experimenting and breaking things, I now have a fully...
  3. yourgeekfix

    Pip-boy 3000 Modification

    If you purchased the Pipboy 3000 Special Edition, you are aware only two lights work and there is no way to access the phone buttons while it is inside the Pipboy. This is my modification steps for adding a working button, more lighting, and making it rechargeable with a recharging stand. You...
  4. DFC Props

    Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI Kit Build (Need Help!)

    Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm finally getting around to finishing up my Pip-Boy kit that I purchased last year, but I need some help. I intend to install a real screen with an animated video to simulate a functional screen (not a phone), lights for the vacuum tubes, and a...