1. NuadaDesigns

    Robin Hood Prince of Thieves-Locksleys Medallion

    I made the master for this piece two years ago and have only recently gotten around to casting it in pewter. Brass wire and heat-brassed top ring with imitation stone. Just waiting on some more brass belcher to finish off these ones.
  2. Seananigans

    M41A Pulse Rifle Cast Pewter Parts.

    My metal Airsoft Thompson receiver conversion into a ‘functional’ replica for my Aliens Pulse Rifle build. The receiver is a CYMA with the internal parts removed and a little dremel work, the bolt is aluminium and cast pewter, I’m slowly working my way through the 3d printed resin parts and...
  3. darkgreymatter

    Advice on making mold of a cube.

    Hello! First time posting. I want to make a mold of a 3D printed object to cast in pewter or bismuth. I'm using Smooth-On Mold Max 60 for the high heat. My object is basically a 1.25" cube with raised details. There are a few small undercuts. Here's my question. I'm obviously making a two-part...