peter parker

  1. spiderpleb


    **THESE ARE NOT FINISHED SUITS THEY ARE DIGITAL PATTERNS** Here’s the the eaves brooks patterns I made with @ult_spidey and @tison.mp4 on Instagram over the summer :•) the pattern will run for $40 This pattern has accurate seams and i can provide instructions on how to sew it for people who may...
  2. AgentofChaos

    Spider-Man 2 Joe's Pizza Shirt/Sticker

    Hey Y'all. I'm doing a small run of replica Joe's Pizza shirts for my movie inspired apparel brand. They're almost 100% accurate I just fixed some typography errors that bothered me as a graphic designer. They also come with a replica sticker like the one Peter has on his helmet. They're not...
  3. JDVaughan17

    7 Piece Spider-Man Suit

    What’s up guys, I’m back, I’m making my second 7 piece spidey suit. Let’s get right into it. So the base suit was purchased from ZentaiZone. It used their red and deep blue fabrics. The first thing I did was attach some snaps around the waist. I got these snaps from Walmart. I ended up using 5...
  4. SmithJamesChris

    Peter Parker Industries Face Shell - dimensions?

    Hello, RPF. Long time listener, first time caller. I'm not necessarily a cosplayer, but I'm an admirer of the craft and would ultimately like to own at least a decent mask and face shell for display purposes. I've found a Peter Parker Industries face shell going cheap on eBay, but I'm not sure...
  5. allerdale

    (Into the Spider-Verse) Peter B. Parker

    I've been out of the cosplay game for a little while in terms of actually putting together a new costume. That being said, I'm working on a "Hobo" Peter costume from Spider-Verse. I'm having some trouble finding the jacket in terms of getting the right style/look + the length... It's pretty easy...