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  1. Canal Tio Stark

    How to make a DIY Iron Man Helmet

    Speak Gallery!!!! In the 4th video, we will learn to assemble the project (Helmet Iron man) using the pepakura program. Video got longer but tried to make it more explanatory. Iron Man Helmet Mount in EVA!!! cosplay PDF Link: Capacete Iron man.pdf Link : Capacete Iron man.pdo
  2. Lifeline Shock Sticks Apex Legends (Blender Tutorial)

    Lifeline Shock Sticks Apex Legends (Blender Tutorial)

    in today's video we are going to make #Lifeline #shockstick heirloom from #apexlegends in blender its completely easy to make. so lets do it. soon i'll make ...
  3. Wraith's Heirloom Knife Apex Legends (blender tutorial).

    Wraith's Heirloom Knife Apex Legends (blender tutorial).

    In today's video we are going to make #wraithsknife in #blender 2.82 #apexlegends the process is quite simple and easy to make. the model is made in blender ...
  4. S

    Having Trouble with page size in pepakura.

    Hello! I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm Having some trouble figuring out how to Scale projects in Pepakura To the paper size. It starts me out with a standard 8x11. but most of the pieces are in the 7inch and above range, making them tiny when printed. I've made the scale of the...
  5. W Crow

    Star Wars Pepakura helmet build ( Scout Trooper )

    I'm working on a pepakura scout trooper helmet and am using this thread to post my progress. I will be updating regularly. Comments are welcomed especially from anyone whose worked on similar projects. Below are some pictures of what I've built so far.
  6. Terrible Trio

    Guild Wars 2 Charr build - Khan Grimblood

    Hey all, my sister and and I are going to build the largest costume we have ever made. We've been cosplaying for about 6 years, and usually run in group cosplays with out brothers - The Adventure Zone, the three protagonists of Dragon Age, or Overwatch. A few years ago my sister MJ and I did...
  7. DaftPunker01

    Daft Punk Helmets Pepakura

    On this page is where I got the files to download the helmets, here below I leave the link:
  8. FreelanceSculpt

    Doctor Doom Cosplay

    Hello everybody, Just finished up my Doctor Doom cosplay for Emerald City Comicon and figured I'd share: Here is a component breakdown: Helmet - was made from the Doom Pepakura model that is floating around, not sure who the original modeller was on that but it was a fun build. I made it...
  9. FreelanceSculpt

    Doctor Doom Cosplay...

    Hello everybody, Just finished up my Doctor Doom cosplay for Emerald City Comicon and figured I'd share: Here is a component breakdown: Helmet - was made from the Doom Pepakura model that is floating around, not sure who the original modeller was on that but it was a fun build. I made it...
  10. I

    dungbeatles ironman helmet file ?

    Please help me Iam searching for dungbeatles ironman (wit horizontal faceplate cuts) pepakura helmet file But all links i found are invalid Can anyone help me getting that pepakura file That would be very nice
  11. M

    How to determine angle to join pieces in Pepakura Designer?

    I'm trying my first build, based on an Iron Man MK 46 armor PDO found on Etsy. If I use the option to 'print fold angles'. then I can see what angles should be used at all the fold locations. (If there is a way to view this without printing, please let me know). But I don't see any way to...
  12. A

    Thor Ragnarok Pepakura?

    Sorry if this has been already asked or if I should post my question in a particular thread! So, is there a pepekura file for the helmet from Thor Ragnarok? I've searched the web and I haven't found anything except from a file which I tried building but there was a mistake I guess and I...
  13. J

    Making of Strom Trooper - Pepakrua

    Hi everyone. First of all: Thank you for all the information, help, etc. in this forum. It helped me out a lot! Since I have been leaching this forum for a while, I figured it might be nice to finally give something back. Therefor I decided to post my "making of"s of the 5 helmets I've created...
  14. M

    Streaming My Build Live On Twitch

    Iron Man Helmet Stream! Hey guys! this is my first post, but I thought id go ahead and just throw this out there as I began a new Iron Man Pepakura project and thought it might be fun to stream it live in case anyone was bored and wanted to drop by! I plan on doing more of...
  15. ShadowAssassin

    Batman Vs Superman armored batsuit - AZTLAN / FOAM - Pic heavy

    I purchased the Pepakura files off Aztlan around 6 months ago, but started work on it around February. I was only working on the suit on and off for a few hours at a time throughout the months. Overall I didn't encounter too many problems, however the shins and forearms were a hassle to get the...
  16. J

    War Machine Mk 1 Progress Thread - It Starts

    I am starting a War Machine build based on IM2. At the moment I'm assembling Pep files and Foam mock ups to determine which will provide the best detail/difficulty ratio. Some features I want to include are: Motorized Faceplate with LED visor Mounted shoulder cannon with motorized spin...
  17. N

    Pepakura help

    I want to start off by saying how happy I am to now be part of this amazing community, and I can't wait to see what's in store! I'm currently working on a cosplay of Lucio from overwatch, and started playing around with his 3D model via Pepakura. I started making templates and have one more...
  18. M

    Can someone extract a couple .obj models from fallout 3 for me?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if one of you could help me out. I downloaded a couple models of the gatling laser from Fallout 3, put in the scale, and they are both very different sizes. So I want files directly from the game just to be certain, and if anyone wants to know the scale of fallout 3...
  19. F

    Rough Pepakura Request - titanfall helmet

    Alright, I am in need of some help. I am looking to make a helmet from the game Titanfall 2, specifically Kane's helmet. I've considered working off other helmet files to get the general shape but it's just not working. I'm really not looking for a complex model just the general shape. All the...
  20. A

    Iron Man Build (WIP)

    Hey everybody! I've followed threads on the RPF for quite a while now, and finally decided to start an account and post some of what I've been working on. I know the Pepakura Iron Man Hype has pretty much died down now, but I still wanted a suit of my own. :D Anyhow, I decided to start working...
  21. Captain Fordo

    Fallout T-45 pepakura files.

    I've been searching around for RoadWarriors pepakura files for his T45 power armor model and every download link leads to nowhere or has had the file removed. Would anyone have the files to send or have a valid download link to them?
  22. R

    Help with Pepakura mountain & valley edge angles for foam templates

    Apologies if this has been covered to death, but I haven't been able to find clear answers using the search function. I understand how to implement mountain and valley folds when they're crossing the interior of a foam piece-- I can notch or bend my foam as necessary and appropriate. What I'm...
  23. sargent venom

    Rocketeer Helmet

    This is my first "proper" post to show my own work. I've previously hidden my stuff away on a blog site which shows in more detail how I went about this build. The blog, for anyone who is interested, can be found here. I figure, a bit of exposure to a more critically astute audience would help...
  24. Rumblemore

    Hylian shield; Legend of Zelda Pdo

    Hey there, my second post is about something I could not find anymore on the internet. This post will be a build log of me building the Hylian Shield. I recently replayed some of the Legend of zelda games and thought, I'm an adult now, I can make this stuff! So i went to google and tried to find...
  25. B

    Looking for Pep file - Deunan Knute Appleseed Ex Machina

    Hello everyone! I am making a Briarios and Deunan costume set for myself and boyfriend, and I have a full Briarios pep file for him, but I can't find anything for Deunan. Does anyone possibly have this?? I did find a user that has it here (toja) but haven't heard back (as of this post they...