1. MBMStudios

    Saber build parts

    I’ve been seeing these rings on a lot of custom sabers, anyone know what they are called?
  2. Chase Butler

    Chase's Star Wars Vintage Parts Hunting!

    I've been a long time reader but finally getting around to making my own thread! I've been SUPER inspired lately by The Ninja's "Star Wars Vintage Parts Hunting and Props" thread and wanted to start my own to track all of the fun things I find! :)
  3. Sabs

    ANH Obi-Wan Lightsaber measurements guide

    Hello and welcome to my first public project. I've been working in secret for many months to build what will become the perfect CAD model of the Obi-Wan ANH lightsaber, the part drawings of which I will share to everyone, hopefully there are those among you that will help me perfect this body...
  4. N

    Anyone know where I can get some Hot Toys Berserker parts?

    Hi, I've had a Hot Toys Berserker for quite a while, and due to that he is practically falling apart in a few areas, his chest armor has completely tattered due to the leather apparently being real ****** and just deteriorating for some reason, and his mask is also ****** to ****. Anyone know...