paper prop

  1. rbarz

    Dark Hold- Marvel/Wandavision

    Hello! Does anyone know if there are copies of pages from the Dark Hold book from Wanda Vision/Marvel, or anything similar? Thanks.
  2. Rhett J Martin

    Done / Completed 'Ghostbusters' and 'Ghostbusters 2' Paper Props Run VIGO ADDED! $70 SHIPPED

    Hello Gang! As promised last week, we're ready to start taking orders for our new and updated 'Ghostbusters' paper props! We haven't released these since 2016, long before the 4K release. We've since compiled new images, grabs, scans, and on and on over the last two years, and recently got...
  3. halloweengf64

    Bart's Soul

    From the episode where Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for $5 Made it from scratch using a screenshot. Looks cool when you fold and crumple and tear it.
  4. crisurdiales

    Tomb Raider (2013): Yamatai map

    I replayed Tomb Raider 2013 yesterday and decided to draw a Yamatai map based on the ones I could find online. This is what I came up with. I've tried to put things in the proper locations, but this is all done by hand, so probably there are errors...
  5. BrotherWilliam

    Weird Al's UHF Stock certificate

    I've been a huge fan of Weird Al (and yes even a Close Personal Friend of Al) for many years now. I'm trying to recreate the stock certificate used towards the end of the film. I've attached a screenshot and a rough adjustment of the certificate. The border is relatively straight forward, and...
  6. shpider

    The Mandalorian Paper Props

    I'll start it off with some "Chocky Milk" for "The Child". I didn't want any fold lines to be visible, but it should be pretty self explanatory (especially if you have a real milk container for reference)... The only tricky part will be the triangle folds on the top sides. Set your printer to...
  7. shpider

    "Ready Player One" Jade Key Typewritten Keys

    Just some fun pages I made up whilst watching "Ready Player One" the other night... These are some of the pages from the typewriter scene during the Jade Key trial at the Overlook Hotel. I grabbed screen caps and then typed out the keys to the best of my ability... It's not 100% but it's fairly...
  8. Q

    Red Apple Cigarette Redesign

    In the iTunes extras for Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood, they included a fun little commercial for Red Apple cigarettes, with some fun new product designs: The pictures aren't the highest quality (I took pictures of my TV with my phone, sorry) but I can see if I can get HD screengrabs of...
  9. Conook

    Popeyes Cartoon Spinach can Label

    I have always loved Popeye and thought his Spinach can would be a cool simple prop. The font isnt my favorite so I may look around to find something more accurate but since its a cartoon it is not even a font as much as a drawing. I have to get the dimensions of a can of soup like progresso to...
  10. M

    John Wick: Chapter 3 Bond Certificate

    Hey folks, I saw this in the trailer and decided to have a go at re-creating it. This is a draft. I can't make out everything from the screencaps I got from the trailer, if anyone has more detail I'd love to know. None of the fonts are spot-on, but the type writer one is especially bad.