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  1. Avengersrox

    Fortnite Oblivion

    Hello all! This is my first post as a therpf member and I'm super excited to get tips and ideas from you all :) I am currently working on an Iron Man MK VI build, but I already have plans for a second suit-- Oblivion from Fortnite. I know Fortnite IRL can be cringy, so I am going to be...
  2. Cubrisse

    Motorbike Oblivion

    Hi everyone, I'm coming back shows a few nice picks, Tom Cruise's bike in the movie I really loved. I started to draw the motorbike with the seat in the frame, I could not do better lol. So here for the moment the images of 3D, I hope you like it because I do not have enough image to be able to...
  3. Soulinertia

    Soulinertia's Custom Builds - Nerf Mods, Prop Weapons, etc. (Mad WIP pics inside!)

    Thought I'd start off a new thread with some of my custom builds. This will be mostly sci-fi weapons built off of modded Nerf guns and/or airsoft parts. My first one here is a modded Raptorstrike. The stock gun looks like this: It's just begging for a barrel. So the first thing I did was...
  4. wondersquid

    Interest Oblivion Rifle - New Run!

    Oblivion Rifle Parts Layout 1 by Mal Keller, on Flickr I am seeing if there is enough interest in making another run of the Oblivion Rifles I made a few years back, here is the original thread: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=181871 I will make the Rifles in the same manner of complete...
  5. R

    Oblivion Movie Bubbleship Controls

    Hi, I'm a big fan of this wonderful film, which in the words of Pirates of the Caribbean calls to me. I also collect aircraft parts and have been doing so for 40years. For example, I have 200 control columns. Anyway, I have been trying to get a replica Bubbleship control grip. I contacted the...

    Done / Completed MELT some PLASTIC (StarWars, Guardians, Batman, Firefly, Hellboy, Oblivion...)

    Run has been completed.

    Limited Run Oblivion Rifle Shrouds for airsoft LAST CALL

    ***UPDATE*** Since Wondersquid is resuming his wonderful full resin kit I will be ending this run and archiving the files until some time in the future. However, I AM willing to make another set for someone that really wants a printed kit IF I am notified ASAP. Thanks to everyone who...
  8. Kiwimaddog

    Oblivion bubble ship[Randy Cooper]

    Hi everybody. I can start of by introducing myself since this is my first ever post on this forum, Name's Henrik, Resident of Gothenburg, Sweden. As my daytime-job I work as a Design engineer for a car company. Enough about that though, and onto the build at hand... I ordered a Bubbleship...
  9. D

    Miniature Battle Axe

    I made this miniature Battle Axe after being inspired by LOTR axes and several axes from various video games like Oblivion. It has a solid 14k yellow gold head and a Mammoth Ivory Handle, its about 3 inches long. what do you think?
  10. F

    Tried out a new technique on my Skyrim Daeddra helmet hope you guys like it

    I had a bit of free time in uni the past week so I had a bash at making this helmet. I tried a technique I had never used before and gave the helmet these scales as I felt it made it look more real. Im pretty proud of it also had a go at a new way of painting I think iv found a method im gonna...
  11. NefeniCosplay

    Skyrim Glass Armor (with WIP images)

    Hi everyone! My name is June and I've always loved the Elder Scrolls series! When Skyrim came out, I spent many sleepless nights wandering in dungeons and exploring vast cities. Needless to say, it's a game that's close to my heart and when I was able to craft the Glass Armor in the game, I fell...
  12. kevinericon

    Limited Run Oblivion TET pin and wedding ring

    I'm offering the TET pin and the wedding ring. Vika wore the pin on her dress through out the movie, and Julia wore the ring as a necklace. The pin is plated brass, polished, about 1" in diameter. The ring is stainless steel, with 1.2 carat zircon with diamond cut. The design is very special...
  13. Soulinertia

    Oblivion Jack Harper's RIFLE - Build Thread (Also Pic Heavy!)

    After an incredibly positive response to my Oblivion pistol build thread I decided to do the same for the rifle build. This amazing piece of prop replica magic comes from skilled RPF member wondersquid, who through many trials and tribulations has created what is now the crown jewel of my...
  14. tech49

    Tech 49 Jack Harper 1/6 scale Figure from Oblivion

    Hi I'm fairly new to the RPF site and I'm a huge fan of the Movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise as Tech 49 Jack Harper. I've already purchase a couple of members pieces...Oblivion Drone 166 kit and also Jack Harpers Pistol kit. I'm also hoping the Rifle that is being made by a RPF member will...
  15. T

    Help Needed Identifying Toggle Switches from Oblivion 'Bubbleship'

    I am trying to find these toggle switches for a project and am having zero luck finding the buttons or switches. They are from the 'Bubbleship' in Oblivion. The screen shot is from about 4:37 into the film. I can't imagine these are custom made (perhaps painted though). Any help is appreciated...
  16. Soulinertia

    Oblivion Jack Harper's Pistol - Build Thread (Pic Heavy!)

    So here is my build thread of the expertly cast OBLIVION pistol created by RPF members joatrash & Morganthirteen. If you haven't picked one up yet, I highly recommend you get over the the Junkyard and do so now. I had so much fun working on this one! First, the finished result: *7/8/17 -...

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